paul mowbray artist


The Royal Scottish Academy  2010-11-12

Visual Arts Scotland Award for applied Art-2010

For this introduction to my site I have chosen a couple of key aspects that I hope benefit from a brief insight.

My art is diverse stylistically and thematically, yet I hope through this site you will be able to discover inherent qualities that links all my work together. I am instinctive in my artistic enquires and insights and would like to cultivate resonance within the viewer, for them to find and form possibilities of their own.

My art draws widely from existence and I also like to revisit iconic art in my themes. Great art is familiar and indelible, it has an existence of stature that I like to creatively reinvestigate to find an array of meanings in the context of our own time.

From a practical perspective, I find that the artists materials are there to be celebrated and not simply a means to an end result. I love the ancient materials and techniques of art and their ongoing use in our day is testimony to their brilliance. The mastery in handling these materials can be beyond our time constraints, so many artists may find that modern adaptations of the traditional materials with ease of use offer a practical replacement. Frequently something is lost in modernisation and convenience, so you will find me regularly using the noble, often ancient materials of our craft that technology has not always improved.

I hope you will find through the variety on view, that my focus is
ultimately on the work, for me the stamp of the individual is secondary to the task of the art. In this way I continue to form artworks with all the focus I can, and build themes to adjust as a facet into their subject.

In this introduction I am obliged to mention my artwork has been
displayed nationally and acclaimed through selection and exhibition in top venues. Along with this publicity came the winning of a top national award. This may find favour with some of my clientele and visitors to my site and I am grateful of this, although, it means more to me to continue looking and discovering through my art regardless of finding favour within established art organisations and their venues.

I find the mixing of the words marketing and value difficult in coexistence with my art as it has a value to me that may be set in a quite rational way by the time, materials, and labour that goes into the crafting. These are the rational parts, as, my life experience the duration an idea takes
to cultivate are of a value, difficult to quantify. The art is created within its own separate atmosphere and the market and value at times be set by others.

Sculpture, carving and my craftsman based applied arts are briefly detailed on the craftsman and gallery pages of this site. (click on the highlighted titles or select at the top of the page).

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