My photography frequently features a reductive view of a large environment.  I crop a view to an essence or even a contradiction to the surrounding scale. As we in turn are also focused in downscale to make sense, using a reductive mindset. The immediate scale that we interact with makes an enormity tangible.

The viewer may find the following series subtle to profound, based on their own metaphysics.




‘St Germain’


‘Paris to Rossiniere’


‘Day Triptych’


Kaleidoscope and on

The Kaleidoscope, was designed by Scottish philosopher, writer, scientist and inventor Sir David Brewster. His invention caused great fascination on its arrival back in 1816. For sightseers in Edinburgh today we still find that optical innovation and enterprises take pride of place in the Camera Obscura, a popular tourist venue, high up on the Royal Mile near Edinburgh Castle.

I am currently in the process of constructing a Kaleidoscope which I look to photograph through and also to fill with objects which I can then capture on film for this site.

My first efforts at building a Kaleidoscopic image started out as a playful venture, but became less so when discovering the cyclical effects of images as they roll or repeat eternally also observing the hub of the image with bold geometric patterns made up of my mirrored photographic material. In addition by completing a cycle taken from a horizon we can create a world within a bubble where the sky is at the core or by flipping the horizon to the exterior circumference a microcosm/compressed planet effect can be created.


‘Three kaleidoscopic images’, 2016



‘Five Perambulations’, 2016



‘India 1930s’, 2016

Hospital Lucknow, Sadhu Priest, Earthquake, Rajputana Desert,       



‘Within without’ , 2016

Furry creature, Old pollution, Louvre, Cupid and Psyche, and Self portrait in Lapis land.



‘Around’, 2016

‘Cellulose’, self portrait circa 1992, ‘All roads constitutional ‘1983 and 2016 versions.



Alice and sisters Edith and Lorina. 2010 and 2016

Back in 2010 I edited some images for consideration as gold leaf gilded works based on Lewis Carroll’s photographs of Alice Lidell. I finally decided on ‘Alice as a beggar girl’ from 1859 which can be found on ‘works 5’ of this site.

This image, however, originates from a photograph taken by Carroll in 1858 of Alice and sisters Edith and Lorina. My edit here shows the sisters in an etherial form diffusing into a blue sky in a long gone era scenario. This image would be forgotten about by me for a number of years until I worked on the Kaleidoscope series of images. As can be seen, I continued to multiply the composition to the extent of it almost becoming a wallpaper pattern.

All Images & Content © 2010 Paul Mowbray