‘Nash wood’, Sculptural hand crafted ash wood chair, January 2016, homage to the Paul Nash painting ‘Wood on the downs’, 1929. Debut exhibition details to follow.

My 2nd website is now live This site will feature a selection of my applied arts, craftsmanship and design. The introduction of this site announces a more focused reference sources for the various categories of my works.

‘Gift of earth’, series now completed, September 2014. Debut exhibition details to follow.(Gift of earth series along with combining modern and ancient arts in construction, will also appeal to the collector with its broad array of fascinating earth pigments. Similar in this regard is the companion work ‘lapis sources’ which brings natural lapis from various geographies together with those composed scientifically from 1826 onward).

1 August 2012

The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh,  Feb 4th- March 1st 2012

Works on display,  Entasis. 


Imoshe’ Magazine , July 2012 edition

‘Paul Mowbray  discusses painting and  photography’


The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh,  Feb 5th- March 3rd 2011

Works on display,   Flux, Cyma.


Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham, Until 23rd January 2011

Works on display;  “Office at night”, homage to Edward Hopper (for the ‘Making it faking it’ exhibition)           


Paisley Art Gallery Museum, The Aspect Prize,  June-July 2010

Works on display;    Threshold III, 2010.


The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, March 10- April 6, 2010

Awarded; Visual Arts Scotland, Award for Applied Art 2010-Paul Mowbray.

Works on display;    Flux,  E.L.E


Aberdona Gallery, Coalsnaughton, Winter Exhibition, January-February 2010

Works on display;  Conduit I,  Mer, Elie vignette II.


My Artistic career is detailed in the ‘Scottish Castles Association, Journal, issue 13.


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